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Understanding EVAAS Accounts

Account Hierarchy

All users who access EVAAS must have their own user accounts.

Accounts exist at the state, district, and school levels. At each level, a single account is designated the admin. The person who holds this account manages accounts for others directly below them.

Admin type

Manages accounts for...

State admin

State users and district admins

District admin and district users with the account management permission

District users and school admins

School admin and school users with the account management permission

School users

Each state, district, and school has one admin account, but an unlimited number of user accounts can be created. When creating and managing accounts, admins have many options for defining which reports and features each user should be able to access. For more information on creating and modifying user accounts, see Managing Accounts.

Each district and school admin can share the account management permission with one or more other users. Users with the account management permission can create, modify, and deactivate users' accounts the same way the admin can. For more information see Sharing Account Management.