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Recommendations for Configuring Email

EVAAS uses email to communicate important information to users. If your email system is not configured to accept large volumes of messages from EVAAS, users might not be able to access their reports. This document describes how email admins can help ensure educators receive email messages from EVAAS.

Allowlist EVAAS

By allowlisting EVAAS, you ensure that our messages are not categorized as spam. To do this, add the following to your approved senders list.

EVAAS does not have a static IP address that can be allowlisted.

Adjust Incoming Message Threshold Settings

When new reports or features are released, EVAAS might send email messages to all users at once. You might need to adjust settings in your email software to ensure that all these messages are delivered on a timely basis.

The specific settings vary based on your specific software. You might want to investigate message rate limits and throttling.

Contact EVAAS if a district's email domain name changed

The email domain is the part of the address that comes after the @ symbol. An example of an email domain change is from to

When a district changes its domain name, the EVAAS Technical Support team can update the email addresses for all user accounts in the district. To request this, contact EVAAS Technical Support.

Individual account updates are performed within EVAAS by users who have the appropriate permissions. All users can update their own email addresses at any time. District admins manage district user and school admin accounts. School admins manage school user accounts.